Saturday, May 7, 2011

Please No More Animal Death Traps

Last November I wrote a post about glue traps that was based on my personal views and experience. You can see my story about the little mouse I set free here: Humane Mouse Traps & My Personal Story.

What I left out is how extremely inhumane these devices are, for they literally fuse an animal's body on to the thick, sticky substance and upon immobilizing the animal, they leave the animal to die a slow, painful death either as their body deteriorates and weakens.

PETA, on their facebook page, posted this photo: "Glue traps are (obviously) indiscriminate and ensnare any animals who are unfortunate enough to wander across their path. If you know of any local businesses, schools, or property management companies that are using glue traps, urge them remove the traps immediately and contact PETA if they won't."
The bird that you see here hopefully immediately lights the notion of how cruel glue traps really are, whether or not they adhere non-targeted animals birds, kittens, squirrels, and hamsters or "targeted" animals like mice. The story behind the photo is that there were two songbirds stuck to a glue trap in a Walmart store in Indiana, and customers took action to take the birds to a wildlife rehabilitator as well as contact PETA. Walmart in reply stated that it had only meant to set the traps for rodents, but glue traps obviously have no mercy for anything that gets in its way. According to PETA, a variety of many animals die in glue traps every year-- a kitten in Boston almost starved to death in this fashion. You can see the kitten story here.

If you see any businesses or property that uses glue traps, please raise your concern and if necessary, contact PETA via their Report Cruelty to Animals page:

Last but not least, I recommend using humane methods for rodent problems, such as this one:

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