Wednesday, September 29, 2010

60,000 Chickens Died Due To Power Outage

In Cleveland county, NC, about 60,000 chickens died at Greenway Farms last week when the generator connected to the chicken house failed, leaving the chickens without any air from the large fan that also stopped working. The chickens suffocated to death while in extreme confinement and turned into rotting carcasses.

Also, according to PETA, such incidents are more common than we think. Every summer, "chicken-farm operators casually write off losses of birds because of their own deliberate failure to provide or maintain back-up generators or to employ emergency evacuation plans." However, since this happened in Cleveland County, animal cruelty laws also apply to chickens, and PETA has asked the county's district attorney to consider filing animal cruelty charges against the farm owners.

Some might think it's unnecessary to file any charges, because it is just an "accident." But it's important to keep in mind that chickens and all farm animals are living creatures that deserve to be treated as such.. the chickens should not have been confined without any ability to be mobile and cramped together so closely that just a few minutes without fanned-air would lead to a painful death through suffocation. I also question why electricity stopped running in the first place.. and why there are no back-up generators when this incident is not the first of its kind.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

High School Musical's Matt Prokop on Animals

Twenty-years old actor Matt Prokop, who is in High School Musical 3, gives us a few pointers on how to help animals.

Undercover Footage From KFC Supplier

Terrifying, painful deaths for the1 billion chickens killed each year for KFC...

*watch at your own discretion

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Update on Dogs Rescued from PLRS

Following the undercover PETA investigation of PLRS, some animals have been rescued from the facilities.

See original post on the investigation here: Animal Testing Exposed: PLRS (North Carolina)

Video description: "The Virginia Beach SPCA and several other animal shelters received dogs that had been used for research and testing purposes following the closure of Professional Research and Laboratory Services in Corapeake North Carolina."

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cute Piglet Goes For A Swim

Too cute to miss out on! This video shows how affectionate and intelligent piggies are, another reason why I can't bear for them to become.... the "pork" we eat.


Friday, September 17, 2010

Bullfighting= Killing Defenseless, Frightened Animals

Up until this year, I have always thought bull-fighting was simply waving a red flag in front of a cow in order to get it to attack. And I thought it was a sport because it was the flag-waver's goal to maneuver himself out of harm's way.

I was so wrong.

Bullfighting is not only cruelty, it is "the most indefensible type of animal abuse" according to SHARK (Showing Animals Respect and Kindness). It is an intentional torturing of frightened animals who have no way out of their painful and slow death. Bullfighting involves confusing and frightening the bull so that a matador or several man stab or pierce through the bull's body with sharp weaponry each time there is an opportunity.. until ultimately the bull dies somehow, perhaps bleeding to death.

Bullfighting is not heroic, it is cowardly. According to SHARK, only 10 bullfighters have been killed worldwide in bullfighting for the last 50 years, but the number of bulls that are killed are unimaginable.
Bullfighting is a "blood sport" which ritually kills bulls as a public spectable in regions of Spain, Portugal, southern France, and some Latin American countries ( 

pic source:

The "sport" was condemned by the pope in 1567, and one cardinal by the name of John Henry Newman stated: "Cruelty to animals is as if man did not love God...there is something so dreadful, so satanic, in tormenting those who have never harmed us, and who cannot defend themselves, who are utterly in our power."

See this video of Patricia De León, Latina actress and former Miss Panama, who urges boycotting of bullfighting.

Please spread the word. If you live in a country that practices bullfighting, please listen to your kind, humane heart by not attending or giving monetary support to bullfighting associations.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

93 Puppies Gassed at NY Puppy MIll

Federal law, as well as New York state law, prohibits kennel operators (animal shelters) from using euthanasia or killing animals with exhaust fumes.

However, David Yoder, a dog breeder at his Black Diamond Acres kennel confessed to gassing 93 dogs when he found out the dogs needed medical treatment for brucellosis. He sealed the dogs into boxes- the dogs died in the very same boxes they were born in.

According to the PETA files, "Yoder has turned in his kennel license and is now under investigation by the USDA and the local sheriff's department. He faces fines of up to $10,000 for every violation of the Animal Welfare Act."

Rest in peace beautiful puppies.

This is just another astounding reason to only adopt animals and never to buy animals from pet stores, which buy animals from puppy mills such as the one in this case.

See my post on Gas Chambers here:
Article link:

Animal Gas Chambers

I need to share a shocker that I read about on I have never heard of this issue before.. that animal shelters across the U.S. use gas chambers to kill homeless animals slowly and torturously. Read the actual article here.

According to a response to the article by Mary Cook:

"As of 04/02/2009 Twelve states currently ban carbon monoxide gas chamber use as a means of animal euthanasia.

New Jersey
Rhode Island

Source: The Humane Society of the United States

Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, New York, West Virginia and Pennsylvania have legislation pending, according to Kimberley Intino, director of the Shelter Services Program for the Humane Society of the United States."

What are gas chambers? 

They are airtight chambers that release a high concentration carbon monoxide, a gas euthanasia, and slowly kill cats and dogs through lack of oxygen. The process of gassing animals takes about 25 minutes and most animals are unconscious within a minute. (source: )

So it doesn't sound too bad right? It sounds like a painless process where animals inhale carbon monoxide gas and sleep to death. However, it is nothing like a gentle or painless death.

The animals gasp for air, panic, and attack each other during the process, while trying to claw their way out. It is not only a painful but terrifying death.

The only acceptable method of euthanizing animals is by injecting sodium pentobarbital, a barbiturate anesthetic, into their veins. This is the only method that allows for a quick death without the pain and stress.

Although euthanizing animals via injection involves more staff labor and training, it is the most cost-effective and least expensive, according to the Michigan Humane Society. (source:

Here is a personal account of someone that witnessed the gassing of animals...

"A personal transformation took over my life in 1988, when I was a
witness, through a small porthole window, of an animal shelter gas
chamber doing its savage business.

Two of the employees began pulling and tugging larger dogs toward the chamber -- this, in itself, was savage. The eyes of the dogs were full of fear as they were shoved into a large cylinder with another six dogs, all types. Next, five puppies were placed in the chamber.

Noise. Yelling. Fighting. All scared, they shivered again and again,
their eyes huge, their nostrils flaring. They were completely
bewildered. One dog in the chamber, a male chow mix about one year old, started snapping at the puppies. All the dogs and puppies were in a desperate struggle, and the gassing had yet to begin.

Then a button was pushed, and the two employees walked away as the chamber machine began pumping out streams of carbon monoxide. The little puppies started to paw at the glass window. After one full minute they started to whine and then produced a piercing squeal. Then the larger dogs started a high, mournful wailing, then a deeper howl that rose in great desperation for 45 seconds.

That morning of my witness, the time from inception of hell for the
dogs and puppies, to the completion of their cries of desperation, was between two and six minutes.

As the employees walked away, I knew it was my love, my honor, my devotion to animals that I must not blink and watch every second, every animal struggle to avoid death. However, tears from my heart did overwhelm me that tragic morning, and the final insult was having to load the bodies of the dogs and puppies into a pickup truck and haul them to a local garbage dump."

Loves, the only way to stop this very inhumane way of killing unwanted animals is to be aware and open your mind to the facts, as well as spread the word to others. I believe it takes only a little prod of the first piece of the domino chain to get the word around and impact the animal shelters, policymakers and legislature.

Also, because overpopulation is such a problem and the root of euthanizing millions of animals every year, it would help a LOT if you spayed/neutered your pets or adopt a friendly pet from your local animal shelter.. an animal that may not be given a chance at life without your help. I adopted my cat when she was a baby at Animal Care & Control in SF, and she is truly my love. I can not imagine being without her and I know that she is a blessing to my life. Other animals in the streets and at the shelters deserve to be fed, loved, and sheltered- it is not their fault for being homeless or born into this world.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Has Your Meat Been Sexually Molested or Abused?

Sexual abuse of farm animals?

Wait.. WHAT?

A supervisor rams a metal cane into a pig's vagina just for purposes of "fooling around".
He also thrust rods into anuses of pigs when frustrated. 
Another worker inserts his finger into a turkey's vagina, while another worker mimed raping a shackled turkey.
The undercover PETA worker is encouraged to hurt the animals, "fucking hurt them." 

If you don't think that's bad, imagine having a metal rod shoved into areas that are for sexual pleasure, reproduction or excreting waste.

This sad sexual abuse of farm animals are only a fraction of the abuse inflicted on them... physical, emotional, and psychological abuse also contribute to a lifetime of "hell on earth" for these animals.  

Credits to PETA's undercover investigators.. who expose the dirty truth in farm factories, where animals are at the mercy of wretched, cruel workers.

See full article as well as video here:
warning: may be too graphic for some.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Baby Elephant's at Ringling's School of Cruelty

There is something that I hope you will all share with parents you know or keep in mind if you are a parent.. The circus is not all fun and games. Ringling Bros. circus claims that they train elephants through a reward system. Really? NO. Instead, they cruelly force baby elephants to become separated away from their mothers and use painful and violent ways to teach them tricks. Things like ropes, bullhooks, and electric shock prods are used. Here is a slideshow of what really happens at the training sessions.. click here.

The truth recently came out when Sam Haddock, a former elephant trainer for Ringling Bros., provided never before seen photos to PETA and the public to reveal the shocking truth about elephant  training. Sam Haddock had also contracted tuberculosis (TB) from the elephants and has died this year (2009). Elephants at Ringling are still being infected by TB and dying from the disease.. in addition to the life of mistreatment they endure.

 Caption: "Baby elephants are captured rodeo-style, roped around all four legs, tethered neck-to-neck to an 'anchor' elephant, and dragged from their mothers. From this point forward in their lives, every movement, every instinct, and every natural behavior is subjected to suppression and discipline at the whim of the trainer."

 Caption: "Once pulled from their mothers, baby elephants are restrained by four legs on a concrete flour in a barn for up to 23 hours a day to break their spirits and are never allowed to play outdoors. Chaining a curious and energetic baby elephant for such lengthy periods is psychologically devastating."

Caption: "'Training techniques used by Gary Jacobson include a lot of manpower, brute force, electricity, and a savage disposition.'--Sam Haddock"

 Caption: "'The bullhook is designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to inflict pain and punishment. I should know. I used to make them. I built them to where you can't break them, no matter how hard you hit the elephant.'-- Sam Haddock"

 Here is a video of Sam Haddock telling the story of being a Ringling elephant trainer:

Please, share the word and knowledge about circuses.

Another Orca Dies Prematurely at SeaWorld

Sumar is the third killer whale to die prematurely this year at SeaWorld.

Fact: While orca's usually live 60 years in the wild, three out of four orcas in captivity die before the age of 10.

Killer whales in captivity experience high levels of stress, leading to stress attacks on their trainers which are actually quite common at SeaWorld. Two trainers were drowned in 2009, three were attacked in 2008, two in 2007 and also 2006-- these incidents are tragic indeed, but when will people see the correlation between enslaved wild animals and deaths of their masters?

As the article states nicely, "Anyone involved in keeping orcas and other dolphins in captivity 'loves' them like a slave master loves their slaves – forcing them to perform ridiculous antics in exchange for food. This isn’t love; it’s pure exploitation."

Why did this young orca die prematurely? Because of "depression and loneliness and stress."

In the wild, orcas travel thousands of miles with their families, and male orcas are attached to their mothers their entire lives. Sumar was separated from his mother forever when he was just one years old and trapped in a small round tank his entire life.

Such killer whales in captivity go crazy and die. 

If what you have learned strikes you at all as inhumane, sad, and cruel, please share this news with others and boycott all the animal-entertainment industry.

Read the original article here:

Animal Testing Exposed: PLRS (North Carolina)

PETA recently released the findings of a 9-month undercover investigation at an animal testing lab facility in North Carolina, Professional Laboratory and Research Services, Inc. (PLRS)

PLRS does chemical testing on animals for huge pharmaceutical companies who use chemicals and insecticides to make flea and tick products, among other pet products.

Does anyone else see the irony here?

These companies make products that are supposed to help pets, yet by making those products they harm the very same kinds of companion animals that they are catering to in the market. This investigation shows severe abuses committed against the very pets that people commonly have- cats, dogs, and rabbits.

The saddest part is that only half of the cruel involved is related to actual testing, when chemicals are force-fed to the animals or placed on animals' skin and wounds.

The other part is intentional violence towards the animals by the workers and staff, who do such terrible things to the animal subjects one would wonder how in the world such humans can exist (if they can still be called humans..)

In the video below, you will see:
  • a worker viciously slamming a metal gate against a cat whose body was halfway out of the cage 
  • workers screaming at the animals, insulting them and cursing profanities at them
  • a female workers repeatedly holding a cat against a chain-link fence- once the cat tries to hold on to the fence, she tears the cat off while saying that she wants the cat's claws to rip off
  • a dog is given expired anesthesia, which gives no pain relief, before having its tooth pulled out by a pair of pliers as it cries in pain
  • dogs locked up in filthy cages in an extremely loud environment of ~107 decibels, inducing high levels of stress and "stereotypic behavior" to stress like continuously pacing around in circles. According to a standard decibel sound chart, 107 decibels is equivalent to the loudness of a power motor. 107 decibels is also louder than a subway train and above the level at which continuous exposure may result in hearing loss. 
  • dogs forced to sit in their own waste (urine and feces), which leads to developing open sores that are bloody and raw
  • the workers spraying the cages down with water mixed with soap, bleach, chemicals while the animals are still in the cages, putting the dogs in even more pain as their open sores are exposed to the chemicals  
  • rabbits also forced to sit in their own waste, developing "hind sores" on their sensitive legs without receiving any medical attention 
  • When asked about veterinary care for the animals' sores, a supervisor says it's a waste of time because "If you've got 10 dogs that have the same problem, it's not a problem. It's a living condition here. We need to write up things that are abnormal. That is normal life here."
  • a supervisor breaks a needle in a cat's back but leaves it there, saying she'll "get it a later" 
  • a rabbit, whose back has been shaved, is forced to lie on its back against a container of thousands of mosquitoes to have its blood sucked for 15 minutes daily. This is done in order to have the mosquitoes have blood to reproduce and lay eggs (for unknown purpose).
  • a dog has his ear repeatedly cut open over many weeks but without receiving adequate veterinary care- instead, it is left bleeding
  • cats have their eyes burned and blinded by experimental chemicals; one cat crouches helplessly with her eyes closed in the corner of her cage as she suffers from the pain
Of course, words can not fully describe the experiences of the animals. The video compiled of footage clips at PLRS will actually let you see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears the cries of the animals and the kind of pain they are forced to endure.

1. signing and sharing this petition to urge pharmaceutical companies to cease business with this lab PLRS:
2. share this investigation on facebook by clicking here 
3. spreading awareness on animal testing and to encourage others to shop cruelty-free
4. follow this blog to keep updated on modern animal rights news and issues

source: (link to the main article)

Update on the rescue of some dogs from PLRS:

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Know the Fur Industry: Would You Wear Your Cat or Dog?

**This post contains no pictures or videos, because photo evidence of the fur industry can be too graphic for some. However, I would appreciate if you gave this a read, for the sake of love and compassion.

The cruelty of killing animals for their fur has long plagued my mind. Although I have known about this heart-wrenching side of the fashion or clothing industry for quite some time, the truth just gets uglier and uglier with each new thing I learn about this atrocious practice.

In November of last year, I wrote a brief post on this issue- "Killing Animals for Their Fur Breaks Hearts." As I have become more and more conscience and attuned to animal-suffering related issues, I can not sit back and let the cruelty continue. Innocent animals are suffering in these times because of human greed for profit and also because of human ignorance to these problems. The people who condemn animals to a life or death of misery and pain for profit motives are supported by you, me, and all the consumers out there. It doesn't take someone who has studied economics to understand the concept of demand and supply in capitalist society.

Companies, regardless of industry (fashion, food, manufacturing, etc.), exist today because they earn enough money to stay afloat or even thrive in the midst of competitors. And you know how companies receive profit-- consumers pay for their products and services. When consumers keep buying products, demand is created and companies or industries are more than happy to keep producing (or supply) people with what they want.

$$$. Why are people selling their souls to the devil for this thing we call money?

In the clothing industry, somehow it has become acceptable to kill living creatures to make fur-embellished clothing and profit immensely through that practice. Do animals need to be killed in order to make clothing? Do animals need to be killed in order to make fashionable clothing? Do animals need to be killed in order to protect consumers from freezing to death?

If you say yes, then you might as well take your dog, cat, or backyard squirrels and raccoons and slaughter them up so you can wear a patch of their fur on your body.

If you are not able to do such a thing, why would you allow this kind of slaughtering to happen in the world?

One of the life sayings I stand by is this: With knowledge comes responsibility. 

If you do not purchase fur, chances are that you know about the fur slaughter and that it is plain wrong. It is wrong in terms of ethics, and it is wrong in a basic human sense.

According to PETA, the organizations based in both Germany and Asia have seen firsthand the fur-skinning practices occurring in China that leave about 2 million cats and hundreds of thousands of dogs slaughtered each year. Investigators describe the butchery in fur farms:

Hundreds of animals crammed in tiny cages are transported by trucks across China, and some of the dogs and cats still have their collars-- domestic pets are sometimes abducted for slaughter.

The cages are so full the animals can not move and have no access to food or water. Dying animals are crammed together with living animals, while they all are terrified and act out in psychological distress.

The cages are thrown down 10 feet from the top of the trucks to the ground, shattering the bones of the animals.

It only gets worse. The "cost-effective"methods used to kill these animals are also the most cruel. In order to cut costs and avoid damaging the fur, the killing methods including" anal electrocution, bludgeoning, kicking, strangling with wire nooses, drowning by forcing water down animals' throats with a hose" and very commonly, skinning the animals alive. (Keep in mind, there is NO method that will ever be humane enough or that justifies taking an animal's life to make clothes to be sold in this industry).

These animals that are having their bodies sliced open and their fur torn apart from their flesh are the ones you see in homes-- tabbies, Siamese, German shepherds, golden retrievers, etc. Kittens and puppies are not spared.

Where does the fur go? It is used as collars on shirts or coats, lining in gloves/boots, or even rugs. Of course you will not see a clothing item that lists "dog fur" or "cat fur" on its labels.. instead it will be purposely mislabeled as things like "Asian jackal" or "rabbit." (Although I can not understand why it's deemed more acceptable for people to buy Asian jackals or rabbits when they are killed in the same ways). These mislabeled items are sold in the U.S. and Europe.

Other animals like raccoon dogs, foxes, coyotes, and lynxes all suffer in similar ways for the fur trade. As PETA describes it, the scenes of the fur slaughter are worse than horror films. I can attest to that through undercover documentaries and footage of the slaughter in China. Cats, dogs, rabbits, raccoon dogs, and other animals writhe in terror and pain as they are hung up by their legs and tails, while their fur is peeled from their flesh. Their bleeding bodies, with only a layer of flesh remaining on their bones and organs, are then tossed on to a pile of other bodies.. while they continue blinking their eyes, struggle to breathe, and slowly suffocate as their heart and lungs die.

The fight to end fur farming and such slaughter of animals is not a lost cause. After meeting with PETA, Polo Ralph Lauren went fur-free. Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein are now removing fur from their collections.

The first step towards fixing any problem is to become educated on an issue and knowing your position, morals, and standards. The simplest thing to do, to help save animals from torture they don't deserve in any lifetime, is to not purchase clothing items with fur or material resembling fur.

Also, the state of California has been placing animal-welfare measures on its ballots-- it is important to vote for what you believe in. I know that the issue of mislabeling of fur on clothing items is gaining momentum right now, so if there's a way to vote against animal suffering, I trust you will take that step as a responsible and intelligible being no matter where you are located in the world.

As I grow on this journey to being my own animal activist by learning about issues and spreading awareness and knowledge, I welcome you to tune in to my future posts on ways to be a loving and compassionate person by helping the animals whose voices are silenced and unheard.

*All facts mentioned are credited to PETA.

Want to learn more?
Click here to see the PETA factsheet on (fur) factory farms.
"A Shocking Look Inside Chinese Fur Farms" (more info and video)
Fur is Dead:
Wikipedia on Fur Farming
Video on China's Cruel Fur Industry

The Faces Behind Animal Experimentaion: Monkeys

Did you know that monkeys are 99% similar to humans by DNA? (If you don't believe me, look it up.) Yet many of them are abused and tortured in cruel, invasive experiments that leave them in states where they are better off dead. This may sound harsh, but what people have done to animals in animal testing falls can seriously constitute as "hell on earth." We humans somehow think we have the power to use any other creature on this earth for our use simply because they are non-human. Monkeys, who are almost just like us except for outer appearance and mechanism for spoken language, are highly intellectual animals capable of feeling emotions, pain, as well as communicating other forms of language and building relationships with others.

Let me introduce to you the monkey subjects of animal testing:

Posted by PETA2, these photos are shot inside Primate Products and can be found at the company website here:

Believe it or not, Primate Products is a company that makes money off of inhumane suffering by selling primate torture devices and facilities the importing of primates for testing.

These monkeys have had their "scalps and skulls butchered and crudely stitched up" and some suffer from "other injuries that appear to be from fighting or self-mutilation. Monkeys often bite at their own limbs and tear out clumps of their own hair because of the trauma of being confined, deprived, and tormented while being used as living test tubes." (PETA2)

The raw cruelty involved in animal experimentation is, in my opinion, the main reason that you and I should opt to purchase only cruelty-free products that involve no animal testing in their products or products' sub-components/ingredients.

While all animal experimentation can not be halted solely by change in consumer choices to cruelty-free, positive change will be able to gain momentum for the lives of innocent animals.

Another thing you can do now is to sign this petition against planned NASA-funded experiments that will torment chimpanzees (all that is required is name and email-- also, PETA will not send you any emails if you uncheck the box):

What You Need to Know: Animal Welfare and Rights

There is a popular concept in animal rights philosophers, as advocated by Peter Singer (leading philosopher of modern animal rights movement), which is that if you were to mistreat animals based on their lower abilities in thinking, then it should be just as acceptable to mistreat people with disabilities and mental retardation or even babies. Other than discrimination against animals based on their cognitive abilities, what other reasons can one possibly give that justifies inhumane treatment towards animals?

Is the reason appearance and looks? Unjust discrimination of this kind is  called speciesism, and if you admit to that you basically acknowledge to accepting racism against other humans of a different race or ethnicity. Because really, what is the difference between discriminating against animals and other human races based on outward appearance?

Or is your reason that animals are physiologically different than us? Sure, they are wired differently but did you know all mammals share the same basic nervous system as humans? This means not only that their body and organs function similarly, but also that they are fully capable of feeling pain and experiencing suffering. Animals are also sentient beings, having the ability to perceive and feel, as well as be conscious and aware of themselves and the world. Animals consciously want to be happy and to live happy lives, out of harm and danger's way. By choice, no animal wants to suffer and they can feel misery, unhappiness, and pain if say a human decides to kick it or lock it up eternally while causing open wounds on the animal's body.

That is the core of animal rights. 

"The question is not, 'Can they reason?' nor, 'Can they talk?' but rather, 'Can they suffer?'" -Jeremy Bentham (first champion of animal rights)