Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Angels for Animals" in the Cold Winters

I tweeted this status a few minutes ago..

You might think PETA is extreme, but they do the work that no one else does.. to save and help animals in need. my thing is: don't criticize unless you can do better. 

Take a look at this video- a case in point. PETA makes its mission known to the world, and the organization acts on their words.. it's not about empty promises, but rather teams of passionate people doing their best to help the suffering and ignored souls on this earth.


  1. i made a video a while ago saying i had sent e-mails to Peta to help out about this horrible cruelty thing and SO many people gave me hard time because i contacted them/a member...
    love this post, the puppy is absolutely adorable

  2. I made two houses like those when I was a kid--one was for cats. I hate the thought of animals left outside. Several of my cats got seriously hurt living outside. One of the stories would make you cry--and not like my dad as much as you would like my mom. But he was raised on a farm and saw animals as only being worth the job they could do, not the love they could bring.

  3. Thank you, I think that's the sweetest comment I've ever received. The effort you put in to help animals is very important. I've heard people say "they're just animals" as if that makes abusing them okay. That has to change. I used to think forms of "institutionalized" abuse would be the hardest to stop. But I've learned from you that make-up companies are getting the message. It's nice to know progress is being made.

    Really, even if someone didn't care about animals, they should be concerned about abuse of animals. People who abuse animals are just a few steps away from being able to abuse people. That should scare everyone.

    Thank you, Karen!

  4. This just warms my heart to see people helping them like this.
    I really want to volunteer! :P

  5. RYC: My Karen doesn't drink at all, so she is glad it's so rare for me. High uric acid runs in my family and a doctor once told me I would be fine (would not get gout) as long as I only had one or two beers a day. I cracked up--then told him I probably have one or two a year and maybe an equal number of mixed drinks. Maybe. But this has been a slow year...I don't think I've had anything stronger than cranberry juice. I'm not against it, as long as people don't go crazy, but it just doesn't interest me. If I need my mood altered, Ben and Jerry's can do the trick--but not too often! That story about the half-gallon happened when I was 11...I could take it then. LOL! But I've noticed that both animal fat and dairy affect my stomach now. Honestly, I think they always did and I just didn't link the cause and effect. The Tuesday before Ash Wednesday my mom always made pancakes and I always got a little queasy afterwards. The oil she used was animal fat based. Yuck!

    Sorry for the post-sized comment. =)

  6. I love how u care for these poor animals! U r truly a giver sweetie!