Friday, November 19, 2010

Meet Your Mink Coat

It is so perturbing to see so many photos of furry bags, coats, and hats when I Google images for mink..

For example, this is a Fendi mink bag:
A coat.. (brand unknown)

Who would guess that they are wearing part of the carcass of these little creatures?
This is a glimpse into the lives (and deaths) of minks at a Swedish fur farm... life outside the cages when they are finally taken to have their furs peels off their bodies is another story.. 


  1. A process that starts by destroying a beautiful living creature can only end up producing something ugly. {sigh}

  2. Ugh this is so sad and ridiculous, I will never wear or support fur. Something for rich and vapid people.

  3. -__- its so stupid when they use real fur when people can make faux fur these days -__-
    man that big mink fur coat makes me cringe >< imagine how many had to suffer just to make one of those T.T

    p.s. i love your header pic! <3 makes me feel warm inside :)

    I missed you Karen! :) I'm in the middle of finals right now :P I plan to email you lots when I'm done! :P

  4. Better than go naked than have animal fur covering the body.

  5. I cannot begin to describe how much my heart hurts.