Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"They're Here" by OneKind

Earlier today, someone tweeted me a link to this video by OneKind, an animal protection charity based in the UK. I watched the video.. and it made my heart pump really hard because of the suspense, even though I knew it wasn't anything horrific. But this video is something simple yet profound, do take a look if you're interested :) The actual length is only about 5 minutes, with a minute at the end for credits. It's about the human search for other intelligent beings in the universe.

I registered with OneKind to not only explore what this organization has to offer, but also to continue educating myself about animal welfare.


  1. it just makes me feel so glad to know that there's someone as passionate about animals as you are.

  2. I loved the credits!!! :P so adorable! :)

    Are you a vegetarian, Karen? :3
    I noticed you eating vegetarian pho and mostly seafood but wasn't sure :P
    I know my friend who recently turned vegetarian just because of how animals suffer before they arrive on our plates.

  3. That's cool :)
    I wanted to eat less meat and eventually none? :P
    Well i was still going to eat seafood though haha :P Is that cheating? :P
    I tried before and it was hard...
    I remember eating salad for a whole week with one of my friends haha! It didn't work out so well because I think that just made me crave meat more :p
    Was just curious on how different people transition into vegetarians. :)