Thursday, November 4, 2010

Help! 2 million cats/dogs in S.Korea tortured in profit-driven meat industry

Please help and spread the word to save 2 million cats and dogs in South Korea from torture and consumption based on the myth that the meat improves health and sexual powers, which is conjured by the greedy industry.
“The man dragged the dog for about twenty meters and tied him to a post. The dog was screaming in pain. The man used his two hands to pull the dog’s tail with all his strength, causing the dog to be choked, crushing his backbone.” 
"She continued, “Using all his strength he pulled the dog by his left leg. Next he did the same with the right leg. While the dog was still alive, he was tearing his body apart. The dog was moaning with horrible pain. I asked the man why are you killing the dog so painfully, so cruelly? He smiled at me and proudly told me, ‘Dogs should take a long time to be killed, that way they taste better.”
If you are not able to donate to IDA's fund specifically for this cause, please spread the word and share this with someone.


  1. That's an awful story, poor dog. :(

  2. OH gosh... This is utterly terrible. I hate to c domestic pets being killed.