Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Another Orca Dies Prematurely at SeaWorld

Sumar is the third killer whale to die prematurely this year at SeaWorld.

Fact: While orca's usually live 60 years in the wild, three out of four orcas in captivity die before the age of 10.

Killer whales in captivity experience high levels of stress, leading to stress attacks on their trainers which are actually quite common at SeaWorld. Two trainers were drowned in 2009, three were attacked in 2008, two in 2007 and also 2006-- these incidents are tragic indeed, but when will people see the correlation between enslaved wild animals and deaths of their masters?

As the article states nicely, "Anyone involved in keeping orcas and other dolphins in captivity 'loves' them like a slave master loves their slaves – forcing them to perform ridiculous antics in exchange for food. This isn’t love; it’s pure exploitation."

Why did this young orca die prematurely? Because of "depression and loneliness and stress."

In the wild, orcas travel thousands of miles with their families, and male orcas are attached to their mothers their entire lives. Sumar was separated from his mother forever when he was just one years old and trapped in a small round tank his entire life.

Such killer whales in captivity go crazy and die. 

If what you have learned strikes you at all as inhumane, sad, and cruel, please share this news with others and boycott all the animal-entertainment industry.

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