Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Animal Testing Exposed: PLRS (North Carolina)

PETA recently released the findings of a 9-month undercover investigation at an animal testing lab facility in North Carolina, Professional Laboratory and Research Services, Inc. (PLRS)

PLRS does chemical testing on animals for huge pharmaceutical companies who use chemicals and insecticides to make flea and tick products, among other pet products.

Does anyone else see the irony here?

These companies make products that are supposed to help pets, yet by making those products they harm the very same kinds of companion animals that they are catering to in the market. This investigation shows severe abuses committed against the very pets that people commonly have- cats, dogs, and rabbits.

The saddest part is that only half of the cruel involved is related to actual testing, when chemicals are force-fed to the animals or placed on animals' skin and wounds.

The other part is intentional violence towards the animals by the workers and staff, who do such terrible things to the animal subjects one would wonder how in the world such humans can exist (if they can still be called humans..)

In the video below, you will see:
  • a worker viciously slamming a metal gate against a cat whose body was halfway out of the cage 
  • workers screaming at the animals, insulting them and cursing profanities at them
  • a female workers repeatedly holding a cat against a chain-link fence- once the cat tries to hold on to the fence, she tears the cat off while saying that she wants the cat's claws to rip off
  • a dog is given expired anesthesia, which gives no pain relief, before having its tooth pulled out by a pair of pliers as it cries in pain
  • dogs locked up in filthy cages in an extremely loud environment of ~107 decibels, inducing high levels of stress and "stereotypic behavior" to stress like continuously pacing around in circles. According to a standard decibel sound chart, 107 decibels is equivalent to the loudness of a power motor. 107 decibels is also louder than a subway train and above the level at which continuous exposure may result in hearing loss. 
  • dogs forced to sit in their own waste (urine and feces), which leads to developing open sores that are bloody and raw
  • the workers spraying the cages down with water mixed with soap, bleach, chemicals while the animals are still in the cages, putting the dogs in even more pain as their open sores are exposed to the chemicals  
  • rabbits also forced to sit in their own waste, developing "hind sores" on their sensitive legs without receiving any medical attention 
  • When asked about veterinary care for the animals' sores, a supervisor says it's a waste of time because "If you've got 10 dogs that have the same problem, it's not a problem. It's a living condition here. We need to write up things that are abnormal. That is normal life here."
  • a supervisor breaks a needle in a cat's back but leaves it there, saying she'll "get it a later" 
  • a rabbit, whose back has been shaved, is forced to lie on its back against a container of thousands of mosquitoes to have its blood sucked for 15 minutes daily. This is done in order to have the mosquitoes have blood to reproduce and lay eggs (for unknown purpose).
  • a dog has his ear repeatedly cut open over many weeks but without receiving adequate veterinary care- instead, it is left bleeding
  • cats have their eyes burned and blinded by experimental chemicals; one cat crouches helplessly with her eyes closed in the corner of her cage as she suffers from the pain
Of course, words can not fully describe the experiences of the animals. The video compiled of footage clips at PLRS will actually let you see with your own eyes and hear with your own ears the cries of the animals and the kind of pain they are forced to endure.

1. signing and sharing this petition to urge pharmaceutical companies to cease business with this lab PLRS:
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3. spreading awareness on animal testing and to encourage others to shop cruelty-free
4. follow this blog to keep updated on modern animal rights news and issues

source: (link to the main article)

Update on the rescue of some dogs from PLRS:

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