Monday, September 13, 2010

Has Your Meat Been Sexually Molested or Abused?

Sexual abuse of farm animals?

Wait.. WHAT?

A supervisor rams a metal cane into a pig's vagina just for purposes of "fooling around".
He also thrust rods into anuses of pigs when frustrated. 
Another worker inserts his finger into a turkey's vagina, while another worker mimed raping a shackled turkey.
The undercover PETA worker is encouraged to hurt the animals, "fucking hurt them." 

If you don't think that's bad, imagine having a metal rod shoved into areas that are for sexual pleasure, reproduction or excreting waste.

This sad sexual abuse of farm animals are only a fraction of the abuse inflicted on them... physical, emotional, and psychological abuse also contribute to a lifetime of "hell on earth" for these animals.  

Credits to PETA's undercover investigators.. who expose the dirty truth in farm factories, where animals are at the mercy of wretched, cruel workers.

See full article as well as video here:
warning: may be too graphic for some.

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