Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Faces Behind Animal Experimentaion: Monkeys

Did you know that monkeys are 99% similar to humans by DNA? (If you don't believe me, look it up.) Yet many of them are abused and tortured in cruel, invasive experiments that leave them in states where they are better off dead. This may sound harsh, but what people have done to animals in animal testing falls can seriously constitute as "hell on earth." We humans somehow think we have the power to use any other creature on this earth for our use simply because they are non-human. Monkeys, who are almost just like us except for outer appearance and mechanism for spoken language, are highly intellectual animals capable of feeling emotions, pain, as well as communicating other forms of language and building relationships with others.

Let me introduce to you the monkey subjects of animal testing:

Posted by PETA2, these photos are shot inside Primate Products and can be found at the company website here:

Believe it or not, Primate Products is a company that makes money off of inhumane suffering by selling primate torture devices and facilities the importing of primates for testing.

These monkeys have had their "scalps and skulls butchered and crudely stitched up" and some suffer from "other injuries that appear to be from fighting or self-mutilation. Monkeys often bite at their own limbs and tear out clumps of their own hair because of the trauma of being confined, deprived, and tormented while being used as living test tubes." (PETA2)

The raw cruelty involved in animal experimentation is, in my opinion, the main reason that you and I should opt to purchase only cruelty-free products that involve no animal testing in their products or products' sub-components/ingredients.

While all animal experimentation can not be halted solely by change in consumer choices to cruelty-free, positive change will be able to gain momentum for the lives of innocent animals.

Another thing you can do now is to sign this petition against planned NASA-funded experiments that will torment chimpanzees (all that is required is name and email-- also, PETA will not send you any emails if you uncheck the box):

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