Wednesday, September 29, 2010

60,000 Chickens Died Due To Power Outage

In Cleveland county, NC, about 60,000 chickens died at Greenway Farms last week when the generator connected to the chicken house failed, leaving the chickens without any air from the large fan that also stopped working. The chickens suffocated to death while in extreme confinement and turned into rotting carcasses.

Also, according to PETA, such incidents are more common than we think. Every summer, "chicken-farm operators casually write off losses of birds because of their own deliberate failure to provide or maintain back-up generators or to employ emergency evacuation plans." However, since this happened in Cleveland County, animal cruelty laws also apply to chickens, and PETA has asked the county's district attorney to consider filing animal cruelty charges against the farm owners.

Some might think it's unnecessary to file any charges, because it is just an "accident." But it's important to keep in mind that chickens and all farm animals are living creatures that deserve to be treated as such.. the chickens should not have been confined without any ability to be mobile and cramped together so closely that just a few minutes without fanned-air would lead to a painful death through suffocation. I also question why electricity stopped running in the first place.. and why there are no back-up generators when this incident is not the first of its kind.



  1. Yeesh! What I find odd too is that these companies wouldn't invest in their "product".. they're in the business to make $ and these casualties are costly aren't they?

    Very sad and inhumane indeed.. prisoners are kept in MUCH better condition than these poor animals, how sad is that :(

  2. O_o wow.. they stuffed so many chickens in one place there isn't even enough air for them ><
    That sounds horrible!!! ><
    It doesn't even make sense because those chickens are what makes them money as well ><

  3. I wonder if the the owners collected insurance for their loss? Maybe this didn't cost them anything--whereas maintaining the generators would cost them something. They should be testing the generators once a month and investing in them to make sure they work when needed.

  4. omg! this is totally inhuman! 60,000 is a huge figure, I can't imagine the suffer these chickens gone thru